With nearly 700 employees active throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dematco is recognised as a leader in civil engineering and steel construction. Dematco is a preferred partner of international groups investing in the DRC.


General contracting and steel construction (Kinshasa, DRC)

Located in the Limete industrial park in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dematco has been a leader in general contacting and steel construction in the Congolese capital for several decades now. Its expertise in the construction of complex steel structures for both the industrial sector (hangars, tanks, roofing, structural renovation, etc.) and the commercial sector (truck bodies and buckets, telephone and television antenna towers, etc.) have made it a preferred partner for all metal construction projects.

The company has been growing strongly since 2012 thanks to its construction and civil engineering activities, notably with prestigious projects in Kinshasa including the Texaf “Champ de Coton” and “Bois Noble” real estate complexes, the Belgian embassy, the Bolloré cold chain logistics centre and the German embassy and Regideso buildings. Dematco is also very active in Lubumbashi where it works with important customers such as the Central Bank of the Congo and UNICEF.

Dematco has its own design and engineering department which enables it to undertake very complex projects for its customers. Its expert teams lead and coordinate studies, fabrication and on-site work and ensure quality control for the services provided.

Website dematco.net

UNICEF signs two new contracts with Dematco for its logistics centres in Lubumbashi and Kinsangani.

Signing of a construction contract for the UNICEF logistics centre in the DRC.

Dematco signs a construction contract with the Belgian embassy in the DRC as a subcontractor for the Willemen Group.

Dematco is acquired by the De Cock Group of Belgium.